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Voles in Your Raleigh Home’s Yard?

Vole Removal Raleigh, NC Chapel HillIdentifying Voles in your home’s lawn

Voles are a common problem for many homeowners in Chapel Hill, Cary or Raleigh, NC. Voles are about five inches long, resembling brown meadow or field mice, and also dig or burrow underneath grassy lawns.

Voles, like most rodents, will reproduce multiple times a year, and there’s a strong chance that there will be multiple voles in one nest or infestation. Voles are herbivores that eat plants and vegetation, and they’re infamous for destroying the tree bark, flowers, perennial roots, bulbs and seeds of the plants around homes and residences.

How We Can Help With Vole Removal

Poisons or baits (such as anticoagulants, brodifacoum, or bromadiolone) can be used, but should be done with extreme caution so as to not contaminate unintended targets, or even humans in the area. Old-fashioned techniques such as filling tunnels or holes with chemicals or flammable liquids (like gasoline or kerosene) are discouraged since they can cause even more damage due to weak or incomplete tunnel collapse.

A professional company like Critter Control of the Triangle can set traps that can either capture voles alive, or kill them on impact. Depending on the situation, it can be up to the home owner if they want the quickest pest removal possible, or if he or she would like to try to humanely preserve the animal, which can be released to another location after capture.

Do not hesitate to call Critter Control of the Triangle today at (919) 382-0651 if you are seeing warning signs of voles within your yard, lawn or home.

Disease Risks at a Glance

Voles can carry and spread disease to humans through direct or indirect contact.

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