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How To Identify Blackbird Problems

blackbirds raleigh removal critter controlIdentifying Common Types of Blackbirds

There are several types of blackbird species that everyone should be aware of before determining necessary bird removal solutions:

  • Common Grackle
  • Great-Tailed Grackle
  • Red-Winged Blackbird
  • Yellow-Headed Blackbird
  • Brown-Headed Blackbird
  • Rusty Blackbird
  • Brewer’s Blackbird
  • Starling

The most common complaints involving blackbirds are with the common grackles and red-winged blackbirds. Common grackles tend to build their nests in farmyards or marshes. With their strong bills, they are able to eat acorns and other tree fruits and seeds. This species of blackbirds fly south for the winter. The female common grackles are smaller than the males, and the males have more iridescence (color-changing) on their heads and necks. Red-winged blackbirds build their nests in marshes, hayfields and ditches. They also fly south for the winter. Along with their red wings they have black bodies containing patches of red and yellow feathers within the shoulder areas. Female red-wings are brownish in color and resemble sparrows.

Types of Blackbird Damage

The common grackle and red-wing blackbirds are notorious for causing damage to crops. Mature corn fields are often popular targets for these birds. Red-wings are known to damage other crops like oats, rice and sunflowers. By growing non-favorable crops near blackbird roosting areas, you can decrease the likelihood of them destroying big crops.

Blackbird Control and Removal

Seed treatments are the best solutions in controlling blackbirds. Call Critter Control of the Triangle today and we can offer you options to help remove them off of your property. Call us today at (919) 382-0651 for more information.

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