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Removing Dead Animals & Odors

If you encounter a strong, unusual odor around your property, there may be a dead animal in the area. Common complaints regarding dead animals often involve raccoons, skunks, deer and mice. Even a small rodent rotting can cause a nauseating smell. The animal may be found in your garage, backyard, pool or even inside your home. The decaying corpse can cause disease and attract larger animals like buzzards, bears or coyotes.

Critter Control of the Triangle expertly finds and removes dead animals in the Raleigh Durham area. Don’t live with that smell. Let us help.

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bats raleigh removal critter control

Can I do it myself?

Just because an animal is dead does not mean that the diseases they carried are as well. After death the bacteria may even go into overdrive, feeding on the remains. It is not safe to touch dead animals for any reason without training and protection. Also, some may only appear dead!

What do I do after booking?

Once you’ve called and booked your appointment, keep pets and children away from where you suspect the dead animal to be. Not only could diseases be transmitted, but dangerous scavengers may be defensively guarding what they see as their food source.

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Animal Removal

If you come into contact with an unwanted or dangerous wild animal on your property, the first step is to contact your local wildlife service to remove the animal from the area safely. Critter Control of the Triangle uses responsible methods to remove all unwanted animals off of public and private property. In Raleigh, Durham, Cary and the Triangle area, the most common issues with wildlife involve bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds, mice, rats, fox, woodchucks and insects like hornets and wasps.

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Mice and Rat Control

Critter Control of the Triangle provides assistance with mice and rat problems. Our technicians will inspect your home and create a comprehensive re-baiting plan so these rodents will not return in the future.

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Damage Repair

Critter Control of the Triangle will repair and fix any damage to your home or property that’s been caused by a wildlife annoyance. We will close potential entry points as well, ensuring animals cannot return to your property.

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Animal Exclusion

The most important final step in resolving any issues with wildlife on your property is to prevent the animal from returning to your home or business location. Critter Control of the Triangle’s Damage Repair Technicians can step in and set up barriers that will prevent animals from coming back to your yard, attic, house, or other areas around your home.

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Pest Control

Critter Control of the Triangle offers several different ways to help customers remove pests such as yellow jackets, bees, wasps and hornets from their homes or businesses. In addition, we can schedule one-time or periodic appointments for preventative maintenance.

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Attic Repair and Protection

Wildlife can, and often will, do enormous damage to attic insulation. Critter Control of the Triangle’s expert staff can help by replacing and repairing torn insulation in your attic to bring the insulation back to its prior state.

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Animal Cleanup

Wild animals, insects and other pests tend to leave behind strong odors, stains, feces, nests, damage, urine and hair. Critter Control of the Triangle’s wildlife experts will work to leave your residence odor-free and smelling great. We will even clean tough to reach places like crawl spaces and attic corners.

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Commercial Animal Removal

Each one of Critter Control of the Triangle’s full services are available for commercial or business clients in large warehouses, prisons, schools and corporate locations. We specialize in projects big and small all throughout the Raleigh, Durham and Cary areas in the Triangle.

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Many wildlife species nest in large numbers, such as wasps, bees and other insects. Critter Control of the Triangle offers extermination packages and services to stop these swarming pests in their tracks.

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