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How To Identify Opossum Control Issues

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Opossums are small, gray creatures with bare noses and tail characteristics similar to that of a rat. They have distinct black ears and can often be identified by their long, curvy tails. In Raleigh, NC opossums are as frequent as deer, especially at night. As expert climbers and swimmers with 10 toes, they are able to explore and venture into unusual territories.

Adaptable nighttime species who normally keep to themselves, opossums can live in woody and open areas, both in rural and suburban habitats. Although the opossum is a resourceful animal, they do rely on shelter that is not theirs for the taking. You can often find opossums nesting under buildings or creating burrows under timber or hollow logs made by other animals. Some of the popular places to find opossums are under decks, crawl spaces, and sheds. This is where most opossum damage to human dwellings can be found. They also can enter into homes and businesses through small holes and unlikely entry points. Once inside, they will search for food and warm spaces to build their nests.

How We Can Help

Critter Control of the Triangle provides an on-site professional technician for circumstances involving opossums. This is why we recommend calling us for assistance if you come in contact with opossums in or around your area. Opossums are carriers of fleas, lice, and ticks as well as internal parasites. Interacting with an opossum can run the risk of transmitting a harmful disease. If you have an opossum problem, contact our office at (919) 382-0651 for expert services like animal identification and removal. We also clean up and repair any damage done to your property while helping you prevent wildlife from regaining entry in your area.

Disease Risks at a Glance

While opossums can carry diseases such as leptospirosis and salmonella, they are low risk for spreading them. Opossums with rabies are extremely rare but can spread fleas to pets.

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