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Squirrel Problems and Removal in Raleigh

squirel raleigh nc animal removal controlIdentifying Squirrels

They are squeaky, fast and often destructive critters, so it is no wonder why squirrels have become the source of many wildlife complaints. With over one hundred different species and a presence on almost every continent in the world, squirrels are undoubtedly one of the most seen and tolerated mammals. North Carolina is home to two species of squirrels, the Fox and Gray Squirrels. Most Squirrels are active in the morning and evening times. Being very inquisitive in nature, they adapt well to human presence and urban areas. However, the problem with the squirrel’s ability to adapt is the fact that they adapt to spaces such as home attics and walls. Once they invade your property, squirrels become very destructive and noisy as they search for food and build nests.

Squirrels live in wooded areas and often build their nests in trees. It is typical of squirrels to nest in the attics or walls of residential homes and commercial buildings. Female Squirrels give birth twice a year, in the spring and fall, making attics an appealing place to live. For both genders, walls and attics provide year-round wood for gnawing, shelter from the cold, and space to store food. Squirrel problems are often identified by home or business owners when they are heard scratching or moving around.

Squirrel Control and Safety

Squirrels are normally not dangerous animals; however, they are prone to carrying diseases in their droppings. If you are able to identify that you have squirrels in your establishment, Critter Control recommends that you take a few steps to prepare for our technician’s arrival. You should be able to identify the general area of the home or building that the squirrels are nesting in based on the sounds you hear while inside the home. This information will assist your squirrel removal technician in assessing the problem accurately. If squirrels have found their way into your home or building they will settle in and make it their home as well; forming areas to sleep, urinate, and eat. Despite their small size, squirrels are destructive, leaving widespread damage to property.

Squirrel Trapping, Removal, and Damage

Our Critter Control of the Triangle Technicians are Certified Wildlife Specialists. All of our technicians have the knowledge and tools to aid you in fixing your squirrel problem. Your Critter Control technician will assess the damage caused by the squirrels and offer solutions to both repair the damaged area and prevent it from happening again. Contact Critter Control of the Triangle at (919) 382-0651 for information regarding our services in Raleigh and the Triangle.

We remove squirrels in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham and Apex around Wake County and more.

Disease Risks at a Glance

Rabies and plague have been documented in squirrels but are extremely rare and even more rarely transmitted to humans. Their droppings, however, can transmit Leptospirosis and salmonella.

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