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Muskrats Removal in the Raleigh Area

muskrat raleigh nc creek pond waterIdentifying Muskrats

The muskrat is a rodent, similar to a beaver, but much smaller and with a long, thin tail. Muskrats are found near water and are not seen much during the day as they feed mostly at night. They have large, webbed hind feet, used for swimming, and smaller, tougher front feet used for digging and gripping food. Muskrats have small eyes and short, curved ears.

Muskrat Habitats

Muskrats are commonly found throughout Canada, Alaska, and most parts of the U.S. They make their homes in and around creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Muskrat dens are either made of aquatic plants like reeds and cattails, or are burrowed into the banks of whatever body of water they inhabit.

Muskrats as Pests

Burrowing activity is often the main reason they are considered pests. Because they burrow into banks of creeks, rivers, and lakes, they can pose structural problems or cause serious erosion. Dams, dikes, and road beds are often affected if muskrats burrow into the dirt around them. They are also known to leave the water and seek after corn or soybean crops where they can also cause damage. Although not common, muskrats will attack if cornered and have been known to bite pets.

Critter Control Muskrat Specialist

Critter Control of the Triangle has certified technicians and specialists who are knowledgeable on the tools needed to remove muskrats off of your premises. Animal trapping is our specialty, and our professionals know how to stop and identify muskrats, in order to prevent future damage. Call us today at (919) 382-0651 for assistance.

Disease Risks at a Glance

Though the chance of a human contracting a disease from muskrats is low, muskrats can be infected with diseases such as tularemia and leptospirosis.

We service throughout the Triangle area in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill in North Carolina and Wake County.

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