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"I trust them and the price is fair. The guy who comes has always been professional and he explains everything up front. Will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them."
Linda C
Very knowledgeable and professional service! Appreciated how comprehensive the review was. Also appreciate that work will begin shortly to remedy the problems.
"Critter control is awesome. They did great, fast, and honest work and were not looking to nickel and dime you. Justin Coffey was very knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. I couldn?t recommend them more."

Protect Your Home

Chimneys represent the single largest opening in your home. Birds, squirrels and raccoons will nest in unprotected chimneys. We can protect your home with professionally installed chimney caps.
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Soffits, Eaves and Dormer Gaps
These locations provide easy entrance points for birds, bats, mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons. Let us inspect your home for these entrance gaps and seal them tight, to protect your home against unwanted wildlife.
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Doors and Windows
Improperly fitted or damaged door sills provide easy entrance for mice, rats, snakes and other small critters. Gaps along windows also can allow entry and bats love to nest behind shutters. Let us find and fix these entrance points in your home.
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Lawns and Gardens
Raccoons, armadillos, skunks and moles are all notorious for damaging lawns, while looking for grubs and other insects in your soil. While we can’t prevent them from doing so, we can get rid of them while they’re in the act, preventing further damage. Just be sure to call us at the first sign of damage.
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Dormer and Gable Vents
These vents are favorites for bats, birds, squirrels and raccoons. Bats will rest behind the slats. Birds will build nests in them and raccoons and squirrels will simply push through the slats, through the thin screen behind them, and enter your attic. Let us secure these for you.
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Bathroom / Dryer / Range Hood
Birds, squirrels, bats and even snakes are frequently found in these vents. Let us install vent covers to keep these critters out.
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Decks and Porches
Decks and porches provide protection from the elements for wildlife like raccoons, woodchucks (a.k.a groundhogs), skunks, opossums, armadillos and even cats. We can install barriers that will keep all wildlife out from under these areas.
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Attic Vents
A flimsy piece of screen in most attic vents is all that stands between your attic and marauding wildlife, like squirrels and rats. Birds will build nests in these and raccoons frequently pop these right off your roof to gain access to your home. Let us protect your home from invasion with Roof Vent Guards.
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Insects & Pests
Mice & Rats



Critter Control Rescues Owl from Duke University Office

Critter Control technician helps owl trapped in Duke University office chimney escape safely to freedom. Read more here or watch the video below.

Wildlife Control & Animal Removal in the Triangle

Critter Control of the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham) is locally owned and operated by Lance Farlow.

For over 15 years, Critter Control has served all of central North Carolina with professional animal removal services. We specialize in animal removal, wildlife trapping, animal exclusion and repair services. Critter Control provides complete services to residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients in the Triangle area. Our licensed North Carolina wildlife damage control agents and professional biologists have years of experience in the field of animal removal, exclusion and preventative maintenance.

We are proud to be a franchise of Critter Control, the “nation’s leading wildlife control firm.”

Repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals are a major component of our success. Satisfied customers throughout the Triangle have referred us time and time again. We believe in doing our best to provide excellent service with care and concern for our customers’ property. “Service with Integrity” is our office motto. If you have animal problems at your home or business give us a call today.

Can I Remove Animals Myself?

This is a common question we get asked and one that many homeowners might consider. There are a few different elements of animal removal to consider. First, there is the act of actually removing the animals, whether they be dead or alive. If the animals are alive there is a danger in getting bitten or injured, as well as the potential for contamination for bacteria and disease. If animals are dead you must be careful of bacteria and disease, as well as the obvious smell and general level of grossness with which you will contend.

Once you have the animals removed, you have to worry about cleanup. With live animals in your home such as squirrels, bats, or raccoons you will likely have a waste problem, as well as nest materials the animals might have brought in. All of this will need to be removed and much like removing the animals themselves there are risks of contamination and germs. If the animal is dead it even more unpleasant and it is extremely important to perform proper decontamination. Generally household bleach mixed with water is a good cleaning agent.

Finally once you have removed the animals and properly cleaned up the mess, you will need to ensure other animals are excluded from getting into your home. You may have a small opening you don’t realize is there, and some sort of cover or mesh is generally used to prevent animals from getting in. You would be amazed at how small the opening needs to be for animals like mice, squirrels and bats to get into your home.

With all of that said, it clearly is a lot of work and can be extremely unpleasant to properly rid your home of unwanted wildlife. With Critter Control of the Triangle, you can be sure you are getting the most trusted company in the area, who treats your family like our family. We will work diligently to get rid of your stressful animal problem, call to book today!

Critter Control of the Triangle serves all of Wake, Orange, Durham and Chatham Counties.

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