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Turkey Vultures are large dark-colored birds that tend to be seen in flocks from a few birds to many that are called “wakes”.  They are larger than other raptors in North Carolina with the exception of eagles and can weigh over 5 pounds.  Turkey vultures are easily identified by their characteristic red skin head that is devoid of feathers along with pale underside feathers.  They are not predatory, but they do eat carrion (dead animals).


Turkey Vultures are typically active during the daytime and can be found in a host of areas, but commonly along roads up in trees.  They commonly soar very high on thermal updrafts and fly around in circles in search of carrion.

Property Damage

Turkey vultures typically cause few problems with people, however they can be a nightmare.  They will destroy various parts of structures such as rooftops, caulking and various exterior surfaces.  The excrement is large and can carry diseases such as histoplasmosis, salmonella, encephalitis and meningitis.   They vomit a foul-smelling and extremely corrosive (ph of between 1-2) substance that can eat away at metal rapidly.   Generally, roosting vultures can be very problematic and can be dealt with in a variety of ways.

Dealing with Vultures

Vultures are federally protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Turkey Vulture Removal Raleigh

If you notice any of these signs or think you may have a turkey vulture issue, call Critter Control of the Triangle today. Our expert technicians are ready to help you get rid of these pests. 


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